Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Loss Is A Loss

Back from weigh in and I lost half a pound.  Considering how good I have been I am a bit disappointed but a loss is a loss and I won't let it get me down.

I got my Body Magic Silver Award tonight after completing all my exercise on the Slimming World website for the last 4 weeks.



I said last week that I would start doing a cheats and cheers list of the things I had eaten/drunk and not written down and the times I have refrained/refused things so here it is:


2 x giant m&s chocolate buttons                        
1 x after eight mint                                            
1 x giant m&s chocolate buttons

15 ish skittles

1 x large pretzel

Oil on my roast potatoes and roasted veg (ran out of fry light)
Skin on roast chicken (I cannot bring myself to throw crispy chicken skin away)

1 x after eight mint


No Friday wine
No Saturday tea time beer with Hubby
Only two lagers with my curry on Sat (syned)
Made my own syn free bhaji's while Hubby had Farm Shop samosas

Looking at the above I am pleased with myself.  I didn't use my whole syn allowance so overall I should be within them (apart from maybe the chicken skin)

I've started reading a lot of blogs recently and I've found some really useful ideas.  Over on www.mumreinvented.co.uk she does a meal planning monday post each week which I think would be really helpful.  I always go to the farm shop at the weekend so I think I am going to start doing a meal plan for the following week on a Thursday night.  The new Slimming World magazine was on sale at group tonight so I am about to sit with a cuppa and look through for some new ideas.

Last week I cooked myself a couple of new things, Friday night I had Chicken in a creamy Tarragon Sauce with Roast New Potatoes.  I used chicken stock and quark for the base of the sauce and just sprayed some new potatoes in fry light and baked them till crispy.  Served on a bed of Spring Greens, it was very nice and felt quite indulgent.

It is my husband's birthday on Monday so I will need to save syns for wine on Saturday and we will be having something scrummy to eat but I'll be cooking so can make it as low syn as possible. Here's to another good week.

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