Friday, 1 March 2013

It was worth it!!!

Half A Pound On

As the title suggests I had a little gain last week but I am pleased with just half a pound as the trip to Wembley was not diet friendly.  In terms of alcohol I actually only had a couple of pints but we took sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps etc which is where it went wrong.

Bradford lost 5-0 but we had a great day out none the less and the atmosphere and fans were amazing.  Ellie had a fab time and just seeing the sea of claret and amber flags being constantly waved and songs being sung was brilliant.
Me and my sis having a quick pre-match pint

Ells Bells
So back to healthy thinking this week.  The FitBit Zip has been permanently attached to me and I've found it really motivating see how many steps I've done and it's pushing me to do that bit more. Yesterday I got my first 20,000 step badge.  My legs are aching today. 

I've nothing planned for the weekend so i will be spending some time meal planning for next week and cooking up something healthy for the weekend.  I really need to get back into planning ahead for breakfasts and lunches while I'm at work too so will be cooking ahead for that on Sunday.

Here's hoping there will be less of me next week!!

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