Tuesday, 29 January 2013

That's More Like It

I've been to weigh in and lost 2 and a half pounds this week.  Really pleased as I wasn't that good at the weekend. I even had a KFC on Friday night and several glasses of wine on Saturday. oh and Steak Pie on Sunday!!!  But I've been as good as gold the rest of the time, so that and the previous week have actually paid off.

So I am feeling motivated for the week ahead and about to have a look through the Slimming world magazine for some new meal ideas.

I go to slimming world with a few friends and I suggested that a few of them start joining me when I am walking Bailey a couple of nights a week which they have started doing.  It's been nice to have company on the dark cold nights so I am going to keep our little walking club going.

At slimming world tonight someone said they had started making a list of things they had refused/turned down during the week which I thought was a really good idea. I was going to start publishing a list on my blog of the times I had cheated durng the week in an attempt to be more honest with myself which I am still going to do but I think a refusal list would be motiviating too so from next week I'll post both.

I am back up to losing half a stone now and have set myself a target of 3lb next week which will get me back to where I was before xmas.  I also have one more week of exercise before I get my silver body magic award.

Here's to a really good week.  Good luck to anyone joining me.


  1. Love the fact you have roped in some friends to do walk with you. Research shows you are more likely to continue an exercise regime if you are doing it with friends (I know you already have to because of the dog). Food is not the whole story for weight loss, every step counts at wel

  2. Thank you, like you say I have to take Bailey out no matter what but it really does help me go that bit faster and further with friends in tow. Last Wednesday I would have only done a quick two miles on my own but one of the girls came with me and I ended up doing 4.5.
    The weather is horrendous tonight though so they've all bailed on me. Looks like it is just me, Bailey and the waterproofs.