Sunday, 20 January 2013

Back to losing weight, back to blogging myself slim

Well blogging myself slim didn't got so well at the end of 2012, I did lose a few more pounds but with Christmas etc etc I didn't get round to blogging, I blogged in my head quite a bit but never got round to writing stuff down.  

I'm not one for new year's resolutions, I don't see the need for it to be January to make a change in your life but this year I've decided to set one.  Not to lose weight, I started that journey (again) back in August, but to keep writing about it.  And eventually I might start promoting my little blog too, for now whilst I do publish it and a few people have stumbled across it I haven't told anyone I know about it so at some point down the line I might do.  For now this is more like a diary for me, somewhere for me to write down my feelings and be honest with myself.

So whereabouts am I on my journey? I had lost 10lbs by the beginning of December but over the rest of December and the beginning of January I put 5 and a half on.  Considering I ate my body weight in cheese over Christmas plus all the usual Christmas beer, wine, nuts, bread rolls, my mums homemade cinnamon rolls (yum yum), cheesecakes, lemon cream pie and copious amounts of crisps and nuts I was actually really pleased that I hadn't out the full 10lb back on.

So this week is the first week back to it and I'm feeling very pleased with myself.  I knew I was going out for a meal today so I've saved most of this weeks syns for it.  And I knew I wanted a dessert so I had a very healthy baked salmon with salad for my main accompanied by a diet coke,  I had cheese cake for dessert and I am now having wine while I type but seen as I have been so good all week I'm not feeling guilty about it.  

I've also been making sure I've had plenty of exercise too, out walking the dog in the snow and I've walked 15 miles since Tuesday, 3 miles of that was dragging the kids in sledges and up and down the local golf course hill for some sledging fun.  Freezing cold but a great time and my fearless kids were off down the big hills without batting an eyelid.

So my weight loss stands at 4.5lb and I'm determined to get back to the 10lb loss within 3 weeks if not sooner.  

What have I got to aim for this year?? My baby brother gets married in Germany in August and straight after that've are taking the kids to Disneyland Paris. For once I want to feel happy having my photo's taken and actually be in some rather than hiding behind the camera. 

I'm not setting a target weight, I just want to feel good about myself so here I go, there is only me that can make this come true and only me who can let myself down.  

Owners and upwards (actually downwards!!!) 

See you after Tuesday weigh-in

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